I Have Chortles is one of the two opposing teams on Mario Total Drama Island . I Have Chortles originally consists of Bowser Jr., Cackletta, Corrin, Diddy Kong, Fawful, Kylie Koopa, Link, Midbus, Rosalina, Toadette and Toadsworth.

Mario Total Drama IslandEdit

I Have Chortles almost immediately started fighting.

In Welcome To The Island - Part 1, the team members are chosen by Yellow Toad. The name was accidentally chosen by Fawful, when he found the arguments over the other teams name funny. I Have Chortles were unable to win the first challenge. They seemed to mostly get along pretty well in the first challenge, but they didn't win an advantage. Because of this, Midbus gets angry at the people who didn't do the first part of the challenge. Corrin tried to calm him down, but he punched her far away. Midbus becomes the first Chortle voted off the island, because of his bad temper, and attacking a teammate. They won the next two challenges, but then they lost every time all the way up until Paintball Parade.  

From Not Very Talented to Puzzling Peach's Castle, the Chortles lost four challenges, losing Toadette, Toadsworth, Kylie Koopa and Fawful respectively, which left them with six members. In Sweet Peach, Toadette returns due to winning a second chance game on the aftermath. Because of this, when the teams are split up and merged, the Chortles had seven people reach the merge and the Peaches had five due to Zelda returning, meaning that Bowser Jr., Cackletta, Corrin, Diddy Kong, Link, Rosalina and Toadette are the I Have Chortles members who to make it to the merge.

The two teams end in Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!.

Members Edit


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Midbus Male 22nd 11th Welcome To The Island - Part 2 Everyone was scared of his short temper and violent capabilities, so they voted him off.
Toadette Female Returns Returns Not Very Talented Bowser Jr. spent the whole challenge annoying her, causing her to vent in the confessional about how she feels that she's doing the most on the team. Bowser Jr. reveals this to the rest of the team. This causes some of them to get quite offended and vote for her.
Toadsworth Male 19th 10th The 'Meh' Outdoors He was annoying some people with his babbling about safety. He saves Peach from a bear, causing Bowser Jr. to see his true potential and gets his alliance to vote him off. Toadsworth votes himself as he feels that he lost it for the team.
Kylie Koopa Female 18th 9th Luigi's Mansion Madness Bowser Jr. and his alliance chose to vote for one of the other people on their team off. They chose Kylie and because Link wasn't in a condition to vote properly, she had the most votes.
Fawful Male 17th 8th Puzzling Peach's Castle He annoyed pretty much everyone on the team so Bowser Jr. and Corrin put their alliances aside to vote Fawful off.
Diddy Kong Male 12th 7th Fluffy Snow, Here We Go! Diddy Kong jumped off a platform to save Cackletta from elimination. Unfortunately in doing so, he got injured too badly to continue and had to leave.
Cackletta Female 11th 6th Treasure Hunt of Doom After Bowser Jr. failed to show sympathy for what happened in the last episode, Cackletta quit their alliance, causing Bowser Jr. to go out of his way to get her to lose the challenge. He was able to win immunity and since Cackletta didn't, she was voted out.
Rosalina Female 10th 5th Sanity Costs Several Eggs It was revealed that during Sweet Peach that Rosella had kidnapped and impersonated Rosalina, but with more of a bad attitude. After Corrin revealed her disguise, everyone else agreed that Rosalina had dealt with enough on the show and voted her off.
Toadette Female 8th 4th Score Scufflers After the challenge, Toadette had the least points, so she was eliminated.
Corrin Female 7th 3rd Wing Ceremony At the end of Wing Ceremony it was revealed that Bowser Jr. had the most votes. He then played the immunity idol that he stole from Aqua and then because he voted Corrin, she was eliminated.
Bowser Jr. Male 2nd 2nd Finale Frenzy He was only just beaten by Link in the final challenge, making him the runner-up.
Link Male 1st 1st Finale Frenzy He beat Bowser Jr. in the final challenge, making him the winner of Mario Total Drama Island.