Season 1 of Mario Total Drama consists of 30 episodes.The season premiered on February 17, 2017.

Plot overview Edit

22 (mostly) Mario characters all compete in a competition for one million coins. The twenty-two contestants chosen were divided into two separate teams; Sweet Peaches and I have chortles. The teams were given challenges every now and then. The losing teams would vote one of their members off and the contestant that were voted off would have to walk through the Portal of Losers, which would then take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only a couple people had invincibility. At elimination, they would as a whole group have to vote one person out instead of just the teams. This process continued until only two people were left to compete in a final challenge where the season winner would win one million coins.

Contestants Edit

Episodes Edit

All of the episodes so far.

Total Drama Island episodes
Episode Link
1 Welcome To The Island - Part 1<br
2 Welcome To The Island - Part 2<br
3 Counting Sheep<br
4 Dodge-brawl<br
5 Not Very Talented<br
6 The 'Meh' Outdoors<br
7 Aftermath 1<br
8 Luigi's Mansion Madness<br
9 Puzzling Peach's Castle<br
10 Paintball Parade<br
11 Recipe for Disaster<br
12 Aftermath II<br
13 Sweet Peach<br
14 New Super Drama Bros<br
15 The Desert Pyramid Beckons<br
16 Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!<br
17 Treasure Hunt of Doom<br
18 Sanity Costs Several Eggs<br
19 Mario Kart Catastrophe<br
20 Score Scufflers<br
21 Aftermath III<br
22 Wing Ceremony<br
23 Bowser Time<br
24 Mario Total Drama Castle<br
25 World Eight Four<br
26 Aftermath IV<br
27 Semi-Final Silliness<br
28 Finale Frenzy<br
29 Until Next Time - Part One<br
30 Until Next Time - Part Two<br

Elimination Edit

This is the process in Mario Total Drama Island in which a camper is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the most recent challenge, would vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them would be voted off the island. Since the teams eventually merged, all the campers began to vote for each other and only the challenge winner received immunity. In certain challenges, a camper would be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lost a challenge after the merge.

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Participant Team Status Placing
Midbus I Have Chortles 1st Voted out
in Welcome to The Island- Part 2
22nd Place Non-Merged
Mario Sweet Peaches 2nd Voted out
in Counting Sheep
21st Place
Wario Sweet Peaches 3rd Voted out
in Dodge-brawl
20th Place
Toadette I Have Chortles Returns in Sweet Peach
4th Voted out in Not Very Talented
Toadsworth I Have Chortles 5th Voted out
in The 'Meh' Outdoors
19th Place
Kylie Koopa I Have Chortles 6th Voted out
in Luigi's Mansion Madness
18th Place
Fawful I Have Chortles 7th Voted out
in Puzzling Peach's Castle
17th Place
Yoshi Sweet Peaches 8th Voted out
in Paintball Parade
16th Place
Zelda Sweet Peaches Returns in The Desert Pyramid Beckons
9th Voted out in Recipe for Disaster
Peach Sweet Peaches 10th Quit
in Sweet Peach
15th Place
Bowser Sweet Peaches 11th Voted out
in New Super Drama Bros
14th Place
Donkey Kong Sweet Peaches 12th Voted out
in The Desert Pyramid Beckons
13th Place
Diddy Kong I Have Chortles 13th Left
in Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!
12th Place Merged
Cackletta I Have Chortles 14th Voted Out
in Treasure Hunt of Doom
11th Place
Rosalina I Have Chortles 15th Voted Out
in Sanity Costs Several Eggs
10th Place
Luigi Sweet Peaches 16th Eliminated
in Mario Kart Catastrophe
9th Place
Toadette I Have Chortles 17th Eliminated
in Score Scufflers
8th Place
Corrin I Have Chortles 18th Voted Out
in Wing Ceremony
7th Place
Daisy Sweet Peaches 19th Voted Out
in Bowser Time
6th Place
Zelda Sweet Peaches 20th Voted Out
in Mario Total Drama Castle
5th Place
Aqua Sweet Peaches 21st Voted Out
in World Eight Four
4th Place
Waluigi Sweet Peaches 22nd Eliminated
in Semi-final Silliness
3rd Place
Bowser Jr. I Have Chortles

Runner-up in Finale Frenzy

Link I Have Chortles

Winner in Finale Frenzy