Season 2 of Mario Total Drama currently consists of 7 episodes.The season premiered on July 8, 2017.

Plot overview Edit

30 (mostly) Mario characters, 18 returning and 12 new contestants all compete in a competition for five million coins. The thirty contestants chosen were divided into three separate teams; Team Pink, Team Fury and Team Zero. The teams were given challenges every now and then. The losing teams would vote one of their members off and the contestant that were voted off would have to jump off of a cliff down to a hotel, where contestants from Season 1 who didn't return stay, as well as losers in Season 2. At some point in the competition, the teams will dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only a couple people had invincibility. At elimination, they would as a whole group have to vote one person out instead of just the teams. This process continued until only two people were left to compete in a final challenge where the season winner would win one million coins.

Contestants Edit

Episodes Edit

All of the episodes so far.

Total Drama Returns episodes
Episode Link
1 The Madness Begins Again!<br
2 Unexpected Conflict<br
3 Challenging Challenges<br
4 Super Zeroes<br
5 Jungle of Betrayal<br
6 Trials of the Temple<br
7 Furious Fighting<br
8 Battle on the Beach<br
9 Finders Keepers<br
10 Paint War<br
11 Party Crashers<br
12 Rapid Racing<br
13 Unlucky for Some<br
14 Short Break at the Hotel<br
15 Come What May<br
16 Mad Library Dash<br
17 Livin' La Vida Loki<br
18 Amateur Chefs<br
19 Mysteries and Dungeons<br
20 Performing Madness<br
21 Shorter Break at the Hotel<br
22 We Will Be Heroes<br

Elimination Edit

This is the process in Mario Total Drama Returns in which a contestant is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the most recent challenge, would vote for a camper and the one with the most votes against them would be voted off the show.

This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
Participant Team Status Placing
Rosalina Team Zero 1st Voted out
in Unexpected Conflict
30th Place Non-Merged
Bowser Jr. Team Zero 2nd Voted out
in Challenging Challenges
29th Place
Waluigi Team Zero 3rd Voted out
in Super Zeroes
28th Place
Daisy Team Zero 4th Voted out
in Jungle of Betrayal
27th Place
Luigi Team Zero Returns in Come What May
5th Voted out in Jungle of Betrayal
Link Team Fury 6th Voted out
in Trials of the Temple
26th Place
Sakura Team Pink 7th Voted out
in Furious Fighting
25th Place
Aqua Team Pink 8th Left
in Furious Fighting
24th Place
Midbus Team Fury 9th Voted out
in Battle on the Beach
23rd Place
Birdo Team Pink 10th Voted out
in Finders Keepers
22nd Place
Claire Team Fury 11th Voted out
in Paint War
21st Place
Toadette Team Fury 12th Voted out
in Party Crashers
20th Place
Cackletta Team Pink 13th Quit
in Rapid Racing
19th Place
Wario Team Zero 14th Voted out
in Rapid Racing
18th Place
Treecko Team Zero 15th Voted out
in Unlucky for Some
17th Place
Popple Team Zero 16th Voted out
in Come What May
16th Place Merged
Mudkip Team Fury 17th Voted out
in Come What May
15th Place
Toadsworth Team Fury 18th Eliminated
in Mad Library Dash
14th Place
Zelda Team Pink 19th Eliminated
in Livin' La Vida Loki
13th Place
Loki Team Pink 20th Quit
in Livin' La Vida Loki
12th Place
Corrin Team Pink 21st Eliminated
in Amateur Chefs
11th Place
Mario Team Fury 22nd Voted out
in Mysteries and Dungeons
10th Place
Sylveon Team Fury 23rd Voted out
in Performing Madness
9th Place
Luigi Team Zero 24th Voted out
in We Will Be Heroes
8th Place