Personality Edit

Rosella is the Princess of Daventry. She has been to be slightly bad-tempered at times and she likes to make quotes of things she has said.

Mario Total Drama Island Edit

At some point before Aftermath II, Rosella was paid by the two hosts to impersonate Rosalina and stir up drama. She did so in Sweet Peach. While she was there, she managed to try and get Corrin to flirt with Link, tried to split up Corrin and Toadette's alliance and upset Daisy by kissing Luigi. She was able to keep her true identity a secret until Sanity Costs Several Eggs, when she accidentally said some of her popular quotes, causing Corrin to be suspicious. Later, the real Rosalina attacked her, making Corrin pour water over both of them. After this, Rosella was revealed and later got scolded by her mother, Valanice.

Trivia Edit

  • Rosella was the first person to be confirmed for Season 2.
  • The impersonation plot wasn't planned until the actual episode where Rosella appeared.