The 'Sweet Peaches' is one of the two opposing teams on Mario Total Drama Island . The Sweet Peaches originally consists of Aqua, Bowser, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario, Peach, Waluigi, Wario, Yoshi, and Zelda.

Mario Total Drama Island Edit

The Sweet Peaches mostly work together at first.

In Welcome To The Island - Part 1, the team members are chosen by Yellow Toad. The Sweet Peaches were able to win the first challenge. They seemed to mostly get along pretty well in the first challenge and they won an advantage. Their winning streak ends in Counting Sheep, when Mario accidentally threw sleeping powder over the entire team when trying to get the other team to lose. Mario becomes the first Sweet Peach voted off the island, because of his mistake in the challenge that made his team lose. They lost the third challenge, but then they win every time all the way up until Paintball Parade.  

From Paintball Parade to The Desert Pyramid Beckons, the Sweet Peaches lose five consecutive challenges, losing Yoshi, Zelda, Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong respectively, which left them with four members. In Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!, when the teams are split up and merged, the Chortles had seven people reach the merge and the Peaches had five due to Zelda returning, meaning that Aqua, Daisy, Luigi, Waluigi and Zelda are the only Peaches members to make it to the merge.

The two teams end in Fluffy Snow, Here We Go!. Zelda returns in The Desert Pyramid Beckons, after winning a viewer vote.



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Mario Male 21st 11th Counting Sheep Accidentally messed up the challenge, causing his team to lose making them vote him off.
Wario Male 20th 10th Dodge-brawl He was generally lazy and failed the challenge, causing others to vote him off.
Yoshi Male 16th 9th Paintball Parade He convinced the whole team to vote for Peach, despite the fact she couldn't be voted for. In retaliation, Peach voted for him to mess with Aqua. As the votes for Peach didn't count, the only other vote was for Yoshi.
Zelda Female Returns Returns Recipe for Disaster Rosalina asked Peach to convince the team to vote off Zelda so that Link wouldn't be distracted by her. Peach reminded everyone after the challenge that Zelda directed them badly, and she was voted off
Peach Female 15th 8th Sweet Peach Her immunity ran out and as she felt guilty about how mean she was, she voted for herself. When she found out that she tied with Aqua, she quit to save her friend.
Bowser Male 14th 7th New Super Drama Bros Bowser once again kidnapped Peach and a challenge was made to find her. Afterwards, most of the rest of the team decided that he should leave as he started the whole thing.
Donkey Kong Male 13th 6th The Desert Pyramid Beckons Donkey Kong and Waluigi both knew that if they lost, one of them would head home because Aqua, Daisy and Luigi were in an alliance. They both tried to outperform each other. The alliance ended up voting out Donkey Kong because he didn't do much, and the others didn't know his capabilities.
Luigi Male 9th 5th Mario Kart Catastrophe He was in the bottom two with Daisy in the racing challenge and Daisy crossed the finish line while trying to destroy her kart. Luigi afterwards decided to give up his place in the game to save her. He crossed the finish line last and was automatically eliminated.
Daisy Female 6th 4th Bowser Time Zelda blackmailed Aqua into voting for her, and with Link and Bowser Jr. also voting for her, she was out.
Zelda Female 5th 3rd Mario Total Drama Castle She ended up in a tiebreaker with Aqua, but eventually lost.
Aqua Female 4th 2nd World Eight Four She got the most votes, due to being viewed as threatening.
Waluigi Male 3rd 1st Semi-final Silliness He lost the semi-final challenge, eliminating him from the game.